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The Hurst Hauler

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Meet the Hurst Hauler. It’s exactly what you think it is: a Pontiac Trans Am that’s been converted into a wagon.

The Hurst Hauler is also the coolest wagon I have seen to date. It was the last in a series of other Trans Am/Firebird based wagons, called Kammbacks.

Here’s one built on a 1979 Trans Am:
1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Kammback


And here’s another ancestor of the Hurst Hauler built on a 1985 Pontiac Trans Am. This one was one of two cars actually built by GM, and it sold at auction for $66,000.

1985 Pontiac Trans Am Kammback concept

It’s even got a 4-speed manual transmission! Talk about a sweet wagon.

Back on topic, though: built on a 2000 Trans Am WS6, the Hurst Hauler was already a pretty impressive car when it rolled off of the assembly line. However, it wouldn’t be a true hot rod wagon (or shooting brake, since it’s only got two doors), if it were left stock. After Westech Automotive was finished with the Hurst Hauler, its 5.7 liter LS1 V8 was producing 370 horsepower – more than a base model Corvette at the time. It was fitted with a custom Erson camshaft, bigger fuel injectors, and other goodies to make it to those levels.

Hurst Hauler LS1 V8 Engine Photo

That LS1 engine barely fits in the bay of the Trans Am, but boy are we glad GM made it happen!

Going fast wasn’t enough for the Hurst Hauler, though. It had to look good, too, because it was designed to be a support vehicle for the 2001 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour. As such, the wagon was lowered on Eibach springs and fitted with 18×10 American Racing Torque Thrust II wheels.

Hurst Hauler rear 3/4 view photo

Man, that thing looks great.

Hurst Hauler Side View

Hurst Hauler hatch open side view

The hatch is one piece, and actually reveals quite a bit of cargo area!

Hurst Hauler Rear Hatch Open

Adding some cargo space and functionality to the traditionally impractical Pontiac Trans Am!


The interior was done to the nines too. The leather seats had Hurst Hauler embroidery on them, and of course, there was a Hurst shifter in the center console. The car (ehem, wagon) was also fitted with a line lock – you know, for easier Power Tour burnouts.

Hurst Hauler embroideryHurst Hauler Interior 2

Even though it’s got a shifter, some performance mods, and some sweet embroidery, the Hurst Hauler is made 100% official by the signature of Linda Vaughn on the glovebox. Vaughn is Miss Hurst, the First Lady of Drag Racing, and probably the most well-recognized woman in the American automotive aftermarket. She was even inducted into the Drag Racing Hall of Fame, that’s how much of a big deal Miss Hurst is.

Linda Vaughn Miss Hurst and Hurst Hauler Wagon

Here she is posing with the Hurst Hauler

Miss Hurst Linda Vaughn Hurst Hauler Signature Autograph

The Hurst Hauler is a seriously cool wagon (okay, okay, fine, shooting brake) that was the last of its kind. They only built the one Hurst Hauler that was used for the 2001 Power Tour. It has popped up for sale on eBay in recent years, but it’s currently part of a private collection. Would you drive it? I sure would!

Photo Credits: eBay Motors and

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