What’s more American than Transformers?

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Nothing is more American than Transformers, that’s what.

So, love it or hate it, Michael Bay has rebooted the Transformers series of films. I love them. You get to see some awesome cars turn into some awesome robots, and some awesome explosions, too! What’s not to like? Heck, in his versions, most of the Autobots are even made from General Motors vehicles! What’s more American than that?

Whether you love Transformers or you hate Transformers because you’re a film snob, you can probably agree that the concept of a Chevrolet Camaro that can… well… transform into a kick-ass fighting robot machine is pretty neat.

Well, this man has taken the concept of Transformers to the extreme (like Vanilla Ice, one might say). He’s built a 23 foot high Autobot out of an Oldsmobile Alero.

He’s an artist, and basically, his friend dropped the car off at his house and said “Hey, you should build a Transformer!” He wasn’t interested at first, but then, thankfully, had a change of heart, and you get the beast you see in the video below.

This thing is so cool that people are stopping by his house and taking photos.

If you’re wondering what its Autobot name is, well, it doesn’t have one yet. He basically built it for the most American reason of all: because he could.

Check out the video below to see this thing and get a real idea of how LARGE it is. It’s 23 feet tall, and it towers above his house, like a beacon of freedom here on this Fourth of July, as the Autobots work tirelessly to protect us from the Decepticons.


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