I want this Citroën Ami 6 on eBay

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What the heck is a Citroën Ami 6? Funny you should ask….

I know Biscuits and Crazy has kind of slumped and taken a back seat to some of the other sections lately, but honestly, part of that is because of my own automotive tastes. Everyone who knows me, even at work, already KNOWS that I enjoy the weird things out there.

So for me to actually label something as Biscuits and Crazy, especially these days, it has to be TRULY crazy. Ladies and gentlemen, I have for you today a Citroën Ami 6 found on eBay. If this thing doesn’t qualify, I don’t know what does.

Citroën Ami 6 front three quarter 1

It’s amazing. Like, oh my god, is it amazing.

This is a 1967 Citroën Ami 6. The Ami 6 was sometimes referred to as the 3CV, because it was the successor to the venerable Citroën 2CV. When the Ami 6 was launched, there was a need for a larger vehicle than the 2CV, so they re-bodied it, gave it a larger engine (and by “larger” I still only mean a 602 cubic centimeter 2-cylinder), and sent it to market.

To me, it almost looks like an old man from the front, but from the side, it’s got one of the coolest profiles I have ever seen.

Just look at that goofy rear roof overhang!

Just look at that goofy rear roof overhang!

The interior is dominated by the traditional Citroën single-spoke steering wheel. The company implemented the bizarre design because it allowed drivers to more easily view the instruments to ensure the vehicle was running properly. It was first seen on the Citroen DS – six years before the Ami.

Citroën Ami 6 interior 1

I can definitely see what they're getting at.

I can definitely see what they’re getting at.

According to the eBay ad for the car (which is linked at the very bottom of this post), the Citroën Ami 6 was good for a top speed of 70 mph, which made it ideal for American roads, and could get a claimed 45 mpg. That’s pretty impressive, but one wonders just how long it takes to get to that 70 mile per hour top speed.

Look at this. 602 cubic centimeters of FURY... and a spare tire.

Look at this. 602 cubic centimeters of FURY… and a spare tire.

The ad goes on to state that the car has undergone some restoration, and only has 71,782 kilometers on the odometer. For those keeping score, that’s 44,863.75 freedom units, er, miles. It’s also got a three-speed manual transmission, which is controlled by these pedals, which are sweet because they have the Citroën logo on them!

Even little cars like this deserve fine details....

Even little cars like this deserve fine details….

Anyway, that’s all for this edition of Biscuits and Crazy. I want this thing, and you should too! Click HERE to check it out on eBay, where (at the time of this writing), the car is currently sitting with one bid for $10,000 USD, and the reserve has not been met.

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