Wait a minute: A Porsche 911SC Rally Car?

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We all know Porsche has quite the history with road racing, the 911SC being a part of that wonderful history,  but did you know they also dabbled in rallying with one?


That’s right. Porsche used to rally. The car in the video is the 1978 Porsche 911SC  ‘Safari’ which was essentially Porsche 911SC with modifications to it that allowed it to compete in the 1978 East African Safari Rally without folding like paper at the first pot hole. Here’s what Porsche had to say about the car:

“Porsche brought the ideal cars to Nairobi, the Kenyan start point. The pair of 250 hp 911s were reduced to the bare essentials, weighing only approximately 1,200 kg, despite large, 110-liter fuel tanks. Nevertheless, the body shells were massively reinforced in key structural areas. The increased ground clearance of 28 centimeters, long-travel suspension, a differential lock and a thick aluminum undertray allowed the cars to reach top speeds of more than 125 mph (200 km/h) over the rough roads.”

The 911SC was actually doing quite well in the rally with the one of the two cars in the lead by a whopping 30 minutes. Alas, though, the car hit a rock and was disabled for quite some time. By the time Porsche engineers were on the scene and got the car to working order again, the lead was lost. The driver of that car, Bjorn Waldegaard, finished in fourth while the sister car, driven by Vic Preston Jr. was able to finish second overall.

Of course, I have a feeling Porsche would have dominated a certain other rally group with another car.

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