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Welcome to the first Wagon Wednesday post here at Auto Waffle. Those who know me in person are WELL aware of my wagon fandom (or fetish, as some choose to label it). I have a particular fondness for the 1991-1996 GM B-body wagons. In fact, I own one! If you want to see more of that, check out the About the Author page.

But this isn’t about my B-body wagon. This is about another one. A faster one (much faster, by all admission). You may have heard of Steve Morris Engines before. Possibly from the “Sick Seconds” Camaro, which just made Drag Week history by running both the fastest AND quickest passes in the history of the event just last month, but I know of his operation from another car.


Steve Morris's Boostmaster wagon at the strip Photo Credit:

Steve Morris’s Boostmaster wagon at the strip
Photo Credit:


Steve Morris Boostmaster Wagon at drag strip, rear shot, parachutes

Photo Credit:



In 2003, Steve needed a new daily driver car. He purchased the 1993 Caprice wagon from a retired preacher with over 130,000 miles on it, and did in fact go on to use it as a driver for a few years. However, like any true hot rodder, Steve couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Enter The Boostmaster, seen in the Featured Image in 2010 trim, and now in its new woodgrain livery. A clever play on words related to the Caprice’s sister, the Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon, this is without question the fastest B-body wagon in the land. The wagon based racing machine is powered by a big block Chevrolet atop which sits one of the biggest centrifugal blowers on the face of the earth, ProCharger’s F3 139. The setup is good for well over 2,000 horsepower, and… well… we’ll just let this video speak for itself:

If you want to learn more about Steve or his company, pay them a visit over at Until then, I leave you with another beautiful photo of the rear of this whale.

Steve Morris Boostmaster Caprice wagon ready for racing at night photo

Photo Credit:


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