Sebastian Vettel to leave Red Bull Racing

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Sebastian Vettel, the reigning four-time Formula 1 World Champion, is slated to leave Red Bull Racing after the end of this season to, according to RBR Principal Christian Horner , drive for Ferrari. No reason was stated as to why he’ll be leaving but I suspect there’s quite a few reason why.

The main reason, which is nothing but a rumor right now, is that Double World Champion Fernando Alsonso of Scuderia Ferrari might possibly be leaving his seat vacant at the end of this season to rejoin McLaren who really want him back. Of course, once again, this is just a rumor but anything can happen in this circus known as Formula 1.

Another reason could be the underwhelming performance of the RB10 as compared to previous seasons. Of course, RBR isn’t the only team with unreliable cars; the whole grid, essentially, has seen their share of mechanical failures. But Renault-powered cars have seen the most garage time out of the three engine suppliers (Mercedes-AMG, Ferrari, Renault) and Vettel has shared his thoughts about this unreliability already.

One more reason could be that there was an internal scrap of some kind that we don’t know about. It’s not a secret that his teammate, Daniel Ricciardo has been outperforming the World Champion time and time again and comparisons have been made multiple times to the point in which Vettel wants it to stop.

What ever the reason is, this is quite the shocker and I don’t think anyone expected this. I wonder where who he’ll be driving for next. I just hope he didn’t leave because of the unreliability of this car. That would make him leaving very juvenile. Every team has their bad season. Just ask Ferrari or Williams F1 (Ferrari last won a constructor’s championship in 2008, Williams in 1997).

For 2015 and onwards, it will be Daniil Kvyat, who will be promoted from the junior Red Bull Racing team Scuderia Toro Rosso, and Ricciardo who will be driving the RB11.


Source Credit: F1Fanatic
Cover Photo Credit: Ryan Bayona 



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