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This is a Volkswagen Jetta that has 14 cylinders. You know you want to read the rest. Go on. Click it.

Engine swaps are cool. Just about every enthusiast who ever owned a car has said “Man, I really want to put a [insert more powerful variant of stock motor] under the hood of this thing.” Or, you know, fix it the American way and add a small block Chevy. V8 swaps are cool, but how about V8 ADDITIONS? Or, in this case, W8 additions?

This isn’t a swap. This is a Volkswagen Jetta VR6 that has had a Volkswagen W8 engine from a Passat added to the rear. The result is 14 cylinders of fury, and probably the most ridiculous exhaust note on the face of the planet. Sure, 8 cylinders sounds great, 10 sounds a little weird, and 12 sounds like the music of the Gods, but what about 14 cylinders?

The two men in this video decided to boldly go where no shadetree mechanics have gone before and answer the question for you!

Here, have a listen of these 14 cylinders in action:

Watch it again. It’s almost even MORE insane the second time. Take a look at the way this thing squats when he stomps on the gas. I am in love.

In the video, the guys go into a little bit of detail about how it works. The W8 engine powers the rear wheels, and the VR6 powers the front. There are two complete powertrains here, with transmissions, too. Then, these crazy dudes took both throttles and somehow linked them together, so there’s only one gas pedal.

The W8 is mated to an automatic, and the VR6 is mated to a manual. You put one trans in drive, one in gear, let off the clutch and smash the gas to hear some straight up biscuits and crazy exhaust note.

Two engines. Two transmissions. A whopping 14 cylinders. One Volkswagen Jetta.

What more could you possibly ask for?

Of note: this isn’t the first crazy twin-engine front/rear vehicle to come around, either. Way back when, General Motors took a humble X-body Chevrolet Citation X-11 and turned the dial up to… well… X-11 with the “Push Me Pull Me” twin engine car. It had two V6s that produced 200hp each. It may not have 14 cylinders, but by god, it’s got 12, and they come from two engines – so it’s almost like this Jetta is the X-11’s long lost son.

Here’s a video of the twin-engine Push Me Pull Me Citation. It’s now in the hands of a private collector, following the sale of a large portion of GM’s private collection prior to the 2009 bankruptcy.

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