The Toyota FCV Fuel Cell Vehicle is coming

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Toyota FCV pricing and exterior design were revealed today. Whoa.

The Toyota FCV concept was first shown last year at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s coming to a dealership near you… if you live in Japan. The car is set to launch first in Japan by April 2015, but fear not: a US-spec Toyota FCV is set to come later next summer.

The Toyota FCV will be sold in Japan for approximately 7 million yen. While that sounds like something only the ultra rich can afford, keep in mind that one Japanese yen is worth less than a penny, so you don’t have to be insanely rich to own one.

But the Toyota FCV is still expensive.

At current exchange rates, 7 million yen works out to be about $68,600 USD. That would make the car over twice the price of the ubiquitous Prius, which starts at around $25,000. Yikes.

Perhaps, then, the Toyota FCV is aimed squarely at Tesla, but then… shouldn’t it be a Lexus? Perhaps it will be in the USA.

Toyota, like BMW, has been developing hydrogen vehicles for quite some time – over two decades, in fact. They first began leasing the Toyota FCHV to customers in the US and Japan on a limited basis all the way back in 2002.

The fuel cell system on board the Toyota FCV represents over a decade of research from the FCHV project. The company claims that the FCV has a cruising range of approximately 700 kilometers (437.5 miles) and performance similar to that of a gasoline engine. What’s more, the Toyota FCV is reported to have a refueling time of about three minutes, and when it’s driven, it only emits water vapor.

If these claims are true, a vehicle like the Toyota FCV is exactly what we need to overcome our fuel crisis and the effects of greenhouse gases. Hopefully this is the case, and we won’t have another debacle where an automaker overstates its vehicle efficiency claims like we did with Ford just recently that ended in a lawsuit.

The photos in this article represent the Toyota FCV in production trim, according to the company. It’s definitely much more striking than a Prius, but can it live up to the hype?

Time will tell.


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