This Mercedes Ute owns die straße

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This Mercedes Ute is definitely the most Biscuits and Crazy thing I’ve seen for sale on the Internet all month, and I love it.

For those who might not know: die straße is a terrible pun – my special tea. It means “El Camino” in German, which means “The Road” in English.

Anyway, back to the point here. You are looking at a Mercedes ute. Wrap your head around that. According to the ad, this car/truck/ute/cruck started life as a 1988 Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL. Then, it ended up in Florida, and somebody turned the Biscuits and Crazy dial all the way to eleven. That happens often in my state, in case you didn’t know.

Come on. How could you not love it?

Come on. How could you not love it?

Anyway, a company called German Motorcars decided to chop this Benz up and turn it into the Mercedes Ute you (and I) have always wanted. Though the sellers call it a “purely American invention,” I recommend they read my article on the Holden HSV GTS Maloo, because utes are definitely an Aussie thing – but I digress.

They go on to say that the sedan was sectioned behind the front seats, and that the bed was hand-fabricated. They sectioned the doors and quarter panels to maintain the factory body lines. This Mercedes ute sports the front half of the original blue leather interior as well, so you know it’s going to be a comfortable place to spend your road tripping time.

While it may not be conventional, it's certainly good looking and appears to be quality fabrication work.

While it may not be conventional, it’s certainly good looking and appears to be quality fabrication work.

Since it started life as a top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz, it’s loaded with features. They say it’s got automatic climate control, power windows and locks, and power seats, all of which function as they should. This car was the cream of the crop in 1988, and today in 2015, it’s the coolest ute you could own right now.

1980s mantra: more buttons = more luxury.

1980s mantra: more buttons = more luxury.

The sellers, Streetside Classics Atlanta, claim that the 4.2 liter overhead cam V8 engine was rebuilt when the truck was made, and that there are 35,000 miles on the build. If you’re familiar with these engines, you probably know how smooth and watch-like they are, so you can expect tens of thousands of miles of trouble free operation from this Mercedes ute.

What more could you ask for? One-off custom looks, old school M-B simplicity, luxury, a diamond plate bed, and modern R134a air conditioning? Sign me up – this is the kind of Biscuits and Crazy that checks all of my boxes. You (or I) can own it for just $18,995!

Seriously, folks. The bed is covered with diamond plate!

Seriously, folks. The bed is covered with diamond plate!


See more photos and read the full description by clicking HERE to visit the vehicle listing for this vehicle, or check out all of their other inventory by clicking HERE.




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