This BMW 318ti means business.

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This little BMW 318ti is a far cry from your everyday Bavarian hatchback.

Pro street cars are cool. They’re big, bad, fast, and based on street cars. This one, though… is… well… different. It’s a 1997 BMW 318ti that’s had a seriously hefty upgrade in the horsepower and displacement department… in the form of a big block Chevrolet. With a pair of turbochargers. Yep.


Have a listen to the craziest BMW 318ti… in the world (in my best Jeremy Clarkson voice).

It sounds menacing. A far cry from a lowly BMW 318ti, which is already a pretty cool car, but this? This is ridiculous.

Oh, and it’s for sale, too.

It’s got everything you would need to go racing, basically. There’s a full tube chassis underneath the little hatchback body and a 14-point roll cage for safety. The front suspension has coilovers and Strange disc brakes. The rear, of course, is a full tub, and there’s a Dana 60 axle with 4.11 gears with a full ladder bar setup.


Thanks to the tubbed wheels, this little BMW 318ti can wear its 15×15 rear Centerline Convo Pro wheels. It runs with 15x17x32.5 drag radials. Of course, there’s a parachute. No good drag car is complete without a parachute.

Here’s what the current owner says about the drivetrain. It’s pretty extensively modified:

The drivetrain consists of a 454 cubic inch big block Chevy. As far as the long block goes it is a relatively mild build. It has a mild hydraulic cam with a Performer RPM intake. Ignition is a MSD box and coil along with a MSD billet distributor. Fuel is supplied via a fuel cell mounted in the interior between the wheel tubs, to an all Aeromotive fuel system (pump, filter, regulator). The carb is a 750 BAN Quick Fuel carb specifically designed for blow thru set ups. The turbos are twin 57mm water cooled turbos and the wastegates are set up on 7lb springs. I believe the air / water intercoolers are rated at 800-1000 HP each but I currently do not have them hooked up and I removed the water pumps for the system some time ago so you would have to put new pumps in the system and run the lines for them if you wanted to have it intercooled. I do have the water / ice reservoir which mounts inside the cab if you decided you wanted to hook up the intercoolers. The BOV is a Tial 50mm BOV. The headers are custom made and have cut outs behind the front wheels are you can run it through the full exhaust which terminates in front of the rear wheels. The radiator is a dual pass aluminum radiator with twin Derale fans that move 4200 CFM of air. It also has a CSR high flow electric water pump. The engine is also supported by front and mid plates for extra strength. I have not had this bad boy on the dyno, but if I had to guess it is somewhere between 600-700 HP or maybe more.

So, sure, this BMW 318ti is still a project car, but it’s a badass one with more horsepower than it knows what to do with. There’s 454 cubic inches of awesome under the hood (or 7.4 liters for those of you not in ¬†America).

I would totally buy this and sign up for the BMWCCA… just to see the looks on their faces. I’d also want to use the parachute as often as possible. Good thing I live close to Palm Beach International Raceway!


To see the complete listing, or place a bid, take a look at it here.

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