Tesla Model S Convertible – the question 100 people asked

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The Tesla Model S convertible is apparently the answer to the question 100 people asked – and it’s real.

Everyone knows about the Tesla Model S. It’s, arguably, the most significant car to be produced by an American manufacturer in the last half century. It gets rave reviews, owners love it, even the automotive press adores it. It’s all electric, it pushes the boundaries of EV technology, and it’s gorgeous to look at as well. You know what the Tesla Model S is NOT, though?

It’s not a convertible. Well, until now, that is.


Many people forget that Elon Musk’s electric car company originally launched a two seater convertible a few years back. The Model S is the second Tesla. The Tesla Roadster came first, way back in 2008, and it was brilliantly quick, fun to drive, and exhilarating.

Since then, though, the company’s only model has been the Model S sedan, which has seen a number of updates. Now, though, for just $135,000 you can buy this Tesla Model S convertible.

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According to the ad, it was converted by Newport Convertible Engineering, a company out of Los Angeles, California, and it cost $60,000 to do. Also according to the ad, the original non-convertible Model S cost the owner $129,220, so they’re taking quite a bath on it, but let’s be realistic here: who cares? Who else would have a Model S convertible on your block? No one – that’s who.

Supposedly, back in August 2014, our friends at Autoblog reported that NCE had received 100 orders for these. Yes, that means the ad’s claim that this is the “only one built” is false, but that’s okay.┬áIt’s still the only one you’re likely to see in person.

Take a look at the full ad by clicking HERE, or take a look at the screen capture below, just in case it gets deleted or happens to sell. The ad claims that there’s a wait of over a year to have your Tesla Model S turned into a convertible, and with a $60k addendum to the sticker price, is considerably more expensive than what the Autoblog article above claimed back in 2014.


What do you think? Is this Tesla Model S convertible brilliant, or is it biscuits and crazy? I can’t quite decide. I love it, but I also hate it. What about you?


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