Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competiton: Yes.

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So what happens when you take a stock, 550hp Saleen S7 and add two turbos to it? You get the 750hp Saleen S7 Twin Turbo. Now what happens when you give the S7TT  a competition package?

One ends up with a 1000hp S7 Twin Turbo Competition. The main differences between the S7 Twin Turbo Competition and a “normal” (hah) S7 Twin Turbo is the increase in horsepower and the FIA-spec Rear wing as found on the Saleen S7R as well as a front splitter; both to help generate downforce and keep the car grounded. So what does it sound like?


Sounds like heaven to me.

The top speed of the S7 Twin Turbo Competition is an estimated 250mph which I assume is without the Rear Wing/Splitter. As a note, the S7 Twin Turbo Competition wasn’t the only 1000hp S7 to come from Saleen. As told by, there was an Orange press car sold at Barrett Jackson which also recieved the horsepower boost but not the extra aerodynamics; which is probably where that estimated-but-not-confirmed top speed comes from.

Either way, That S7 Twin Turbo Competition is indeed fappable material to me and it should be for you.

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