This Procharged LSx Willys Jeep is Biscuits and Crazy

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Procharged LSx Willys Jeep, you say? Interested, we are.

Just look at this thing. There are no words. This procharged LSx Willys Jeep is pretty much the most batshit insane street racing machine we have ever seen.

Fast facts:

  • 4.8L V8
  • Big, BIG procharger
  • 240 shot of nitrous
  • 750 horsepower
  • Wheel pulls for days
  • Zero safety features.
  • Bad to the bone

What more could you ask for? Watch as this thing WALKS a built Nissan GTR. You want to talk about sleeper cred? I’m pretty sure a procharged LSx Willys Jeep is about the top of the list when it comes to sleeper cred.

I had the opportunity to drive a bone stock CJ-2A (the civilian counterpart to the military Willys Jeep) that happened to be done up like it was a military Jeep, and let me tell you: these things are slow. Very slow.

This one, though? Well, take a look at the video from our friends at 1320video below and judge for yourself.

Meanwhile, I’ll be on the hunt for a 4.8, a procharger or a monster turbo, and something small and fun to stuff it in. That sounds like a sound financial decision.

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