OMG Much Drift. Such JDM. Very Subaru Outback

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The doge meme and the Subaru Outback have joined forces. Wow.

This Subaru Outback¬†is AMAZING. It’s stupid. It’s fun. It’s ridiculous. It’s biscuits and crazy personified… and I want it.

We’ve seen some um… interesting… Craigslist postings over here at Biscuits and Crazy, but this Subaru Outback is, to date, the best of the bunch.

My previous favorite was a Nissan 350z that was absolutely loaded with aftermarket Nissan 350z mods. The car drove and looked amazing and truly represented the JDM scene – but this Subaru is equally as awesome.


Sure, it looks like it needs paint, and a fender, and so much more, but that’s part of the appeal! Here’s the owner’s description of this unique Subaru:

I must warn you. If you don’t like that feeling of pure terror as you’re sliding sideways into something dangerous, leave now. I’m selling my 2000 Subaru Outback Drift Tank to the first lucky owner to hand me a reasonable amount of cash. This car is so JDM it’s disgusting, despite the fact that it was manufactured in the glorious state of Indiana. It has something like 230,000 miles if I remember right. It was treated well for the first 220,000 miles or so, and has been beaten relentlessly since. BUT. It drifts really well. 90% of people hate it, but the other 10% love it. And of that 10%, .05% are girls. So really, this thing will drop like at least a panty or two during your ownership. Not a bad price if you’re into that sort of thing.
Here’s a list of mods that I’ve done to the poor girl.

Yeah, we know: over-glorified Craigslist postings are so passe, so lame, so overused. Sue me. This Subaru Outback is badass.


Behind the words and the giggles, this car has a whole slew of things that have been done to it:

RWD conversion (Welded center diff, front axle shafts taken out of the cv joints)
Welded rear diff (wow such slide)
Raceland coilovers (rides like shit, but it’s fun)
Fully stripped interior.
Racing wheel with quick release.
Hydro Ebrake
2 17×7 Drag DR-9’s on the front
15″ forester steelies on the rear
Lowered 6.5″ from stock
Added 1.5 degrees of caster to front suspension
SUPER JDM rising sun fender.
WAY MORE JDM rusted fender (omg so trendy)
2 foot boso pipe.
Single catted straight pipe with zero muffling. Neighbors love that shit.
“drift slut” spraypainted in rainbow on rear bumper (so tasteful!)
Removed rear bumper beam.
Removed ac.
Disabled abs
No airbags.
Power steering cooler.
Fenders rolled with care and a bfh.

Come on. How could you not love it? It’s a Subaru Outback – perhaps the most pedestrian model in the brand’s entire lineup – that’s been made to do one thing: spin the rear wheels to go sideways.


It’s perfect. It’s lovely. If the current styling isn’t your cup of tea, you’re a couple bucks away from a neat paint finish via PlastiDip if you visit the guys at

But you know what? I think sensible paint ruins this car. As the owner says, “It’s terrible, it’s sick, it’s ugly, and it slides. Buy it….”

The mileage doesn’t matter. The fact that it’s a Subaru Outback doesn’t matter. All that matters here is that it’s rear-wheel drive, it’s absolutely insane, and you’ll be the only person on the block who has one like it. What more could you possibly wish for?

If you’re interested in purchasing it, as of the writing of this post on June 17, 2014, this driftable Subaru Outback is for sale. Also, I just made “driftable” into a word for the English lexicon. Deal with it. Oh, did I mention that it only has two seats to make it lighter? Yeah. That’s kind of important.


Anyway, click HERE to view the original Craigslist post and buy it now. Honestly, if I were closer, and I didn’t ALREADY have a bad ass wagon, I would be into this.


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