NBC’s Jay Leno May Host NBC Show About Cars On CNBC

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After handing over the Tonight Show reigns to Jimmy Fallon (and receiving a cool $15 million) and enjoying his retirement as well as ‘investing more time into his standup‘, it seems Jay Leno will be returning to NBC to host his own car show.

Jay Leno is well known to the public-at-large for his role as host of The Tonight Show but to us gearheads, he’s  known for his amazing car collection which consists of cars such as a RWD, 1000hp 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado,  a McLaren F1 and, my personal favorite, his EcoJet car. So for him to be very close to an agreement where he’ll host his own show in CNBC makes me super excited. There isn’t many details to disclose as the deal hasn’t been officially revealed/confirmed yet but the New York Times says that NBC executives confirm that the show will not be comedy-based. I think that’s a good thing since if his show included comedy, would be compared to the TV juggernaut known as Top Gear.

Leno has done screen time with his cars already on his youtube channel which is named Jay Leno’s Garage where he takes the time to discuss his cars, his passon for his cars as well as interview some other car enthusiasts such as race car driver John Morton. He has even appeared on other car shows such as Top Gear and Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee where there’s even a running NSX joke as Seinfeld’s show is sponsored by Honda/Acura. I think, and hope, that if this deal does go through, this Leno show will be fantastic and can hold it’s own against other popular shows currently airing in the USA such as Top Gear (UK on BBCA and US on History) and Fast & Loud (which is on Discovery). I’d definitely watch his show.


Here’s to hoping.

Source: The New York Times



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