The Mallet Green Slime Corvette goes under the Hammer

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Pardon the pun, but the Mallet Green Slime Corvette is coming up for sale at Mecum Chicago!

The Mecum auctions always bring interesting cars to the block, that’s for sure. The Mallet Green Slime Corvette is no exception. It was the first C5 Corvette modified by Mallet Motorsports, so it’s a pretty historical piece to the company. Who is Mallet Motorsports? They’re an aftermarket Corvette tuner and modification shop – similar to Lingenfelter and Callaway. You might remember the Mallet Hammer Z06 that met its unfortunate demise in the Corvette Museum sinkhole incident.


2001-mallett-hammer-z06-national-corvette-museum-sinkholeYeah. That one.

Fortunately, this Mallet Motorsports creation is still intact, and it’s pretty badass. Meet the 1997 Mallet Green Slime¬†Corvette:

Mallet-Green-Slime-Corvette-1 Mallet-Green-Slime-Corvette-3 Mallet-Green-Slime-Corvette-Interior-2 Mallet-Green-Slime-Corvette-Engine-2As you probably expected, this thing is far from stock. According to the listing at the Mecum website¬†there’s a 435 cubic inch LSx under the hood that delivers 608 horsepower. They say the car is capable of 200mph, and considering the fact that a C5 Z06 with 405 horses under its hood is capable of 186… I’d say 200 and then some for the Mallet Green Slime Corvette is easily achieved. Look at the forced induction setup:


This car obviously means business.

Aside from all the go-fast bits under the hood, you can see the custom bodywork at the lower edge of the car and its hood, the radical Green Slime paint, and the killer wheels. This isn’t your dad’s Corvette, not by a long shot. It was the first C5 Corvette produced by Mallet, and served as their R&D car for the platform, going through three different bodies.

Power gets to the ground through an M12 6-speed transmission and 3.42 rear gears. It stops thanks to Alcon 6 piston front/4 piston rear calipers clamping down on some 13.5″ slotted rotors. The Mallet Green Slime Corvette has been featured in TV and magazines, too – so you can feel like a star as you rip through the gears of this serious street machine.

Want it? Me too. I love the color, love the stance, and am intrigued by the history. It’s lot number S146 at the Mecum Chicago auction, which runs from October 9-11.


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