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These are a few of my favorite images and gifs from the #98 Dogecoin Ford Fusion driven by Josh Wise last week at Talladega Superspeedway.

For those who don’t know, Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, much like bitcoin. Reddit is a news site/social media site that caters to a younger audience (generally speaking), and it is divided into communities called subreddits. The NASCAR subreddit and the Dogecoin subreddit teamed up to try and sponsor a NASCAR race car, and they succeeded. They raised the Dogecoin equivalent to $55,000 USD in order to field an entry with the #98 team for one race.

If you don’t know what the doge meme is, see THIS LINK. So funny. Much comic. Very laugh. Wow.

Anyway, they teamed up, raised the money, and the Internet has had a field day with the event. Even driver Josh Wise, who prior to the sponsorship had no idea what reddit or Dogecoin was, has embraced his new following. This is probably the best PR thing to happen to NASCAR for generation-Y viewers in the history of the sport. And they had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Amazing.


Anyway, here’s a small collection of some of my favorite images and gifs that have emerged since the race. Enjoy.

4QbNMMV doge EntireAgreeableAcaciarat giphy OlczFx7

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