I want this… Toyota Camry?

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This is, without question, the fastest Toyota Camry in the world.

Everybody knows by now that the Toyota Camry is being used by the company in NASCAR. While most fans of the sport recognize Toyota as a viable competitor and an asset on the race track, a few fans out there believe that the Toyota Camry really doesn’t belong in NASCAR.

It doesn’t have a V8, they say (neither does the Impala, actually, but I digress…).

It’s powered by the wrong pair of wheels (so are the Impala, the Monte Carlo before it, the Taurus, the Taurus before that… well, you get the point).

Well, not THIS Toyota Camry. This particular Toyota Camry is the epitome of badass. That’s the easiest way to describe it.


They call it the NASCAR edition, or NE for short.





You probably already noticed that it’s a coupe. Sharper readers out there will note and comment that they don’t make a Toyota Camry coupe, and they’d be correct. This, though, is no regular production Toyota Camry.

The engineers at Toyota Racing Development teamed up with RK Motors Design/Build to put this car together. It’s as close as a street legal Toyota Camry will ever get to ┬ábeing a race car. Yes, it’s rear wheel drive, and yes: it has a NASCAR V8 sourced from TRD direct.




Your grandma’s Toyota Camry definitely doesn’t have a 600hp V8. Nor is it rear-wheel drive. This one is. Oh, and hers probably isn’t a coupe, either… unless she drives a Solara, but that’s just a matter of semantics.


Other NASCAR-worthy features of this car include the unique front fascia with a lip, the widened wheel arches, side skirts, side-exit exhaust, and the MASSIVE Brembo disc brakes that hide behind the 20 inch wheels.

206471_8a4f042f59_low_resThis Toyota Camry was put on display at the SEMA show in 2010, and now, is for sale. You can own it for the mere sum of $159,900… or best offer.

Think about it: a 358 cubic inch V8 derived from the TRD NASCAR program with 680 horsepower at 8500 RPM, a Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed manual transmission, fuel injection, AIR CONDITIONING, power steering, and a serpentine belt setup.

Effectively, this Toyota Camry is a wolf in sheep’s clothing… minus the exhaust note, I suppose.

Even the interior looks like a regular street car!

206490_dec42ff6f3_low_res 206502_3b92df1f69_low_res 206491_a82575a370_low_res

So… I will say the words that I never thought I would utter in my life.


I want this Toyota Camry.


If you do, too, check out the complete eBay listing HERE with a full description, and even more photos!


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