Haas Formula – Now With Italian Dressing?

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Gene Haas, owner of Haas Formula,  announced today that he will be sponsoring Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 until the launch of his car/team in 2016.

Sources close to the Haas Formula team say that it will indeed be Ferrari power that drives the Haas Formula car forward. It’s also being reported that Haas won’t have Dallara build their chassis as previously thought because, well, Dallara F1 cars were pretty damn crappy. I was kind of hoping Haas Formula would bring Chevy over to power their cars as they somewhat have their foot-in-the-door to F1 engine development with their Izod Indycar engine or maybe even consult Honda. Hell, I would have considered Cosworth as they do have a 2014-spec engine ready.

2014-Spec Cosworth V6 Turbo Courtesy GrandPrix247.com

2014-Spec Cosworth V6 Turbo
Courtesy GrandPrix247.com

But Ferrari? That was the last thing I was expecting. At least it isn’t Renault. From the Ferrari press release: “In parallel, but as a separate project, Haas is committed to entering Formula One with its own team, a testimony to the growing appeal of our sport in the USA and on this front, technical discussions are ongoing between us.” So it seems Haas Formula will most likely end up Ferrari powered; but I do hope this isn’t the case.  What I do hope is for an American resurgence into the sport! Bring back the Fords! Allow Chevrolet into the circus with a modified IndyCar V6!

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