Gymkhana in 1:18 scale is awesome

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By now, everyone on the Internet has likely seen Ken Block and his gymkhana videos that are plastered all over youtube. How about in miniature?

HPI Racing, a manufacturer of RC car kits, has put out this video on their official YouTube channel. It’s a tribute to Ken Block’s Gymkhana 6.

For those who haven’t seen it (there may be a few of you, I suppose), this is Gymkhana 6:


Pretty awesome, right? A 650 horsepower Ford Fiesta that can go from 0-60 mph in just 1.8 seconds? Yeah. That’s awesome. Then, to take it, and do THAT? Man, I envy those skills. I imagine most of us would be closer to demolition derby than gymkhana, should we attempt similar.

That’s an expensive prospect. HPI Racing builds high quality ready-to-run RC car kits, including THIS one, a replica of Ken Block’s #43 Ford Fiesta, used in the gykmhaka video above.

What better way to promote it than to do exactly what it was intended for?

This is without a doubt the coolest thing I have seen done with an RC car in quite some time. It’s almost enough to make me want to get back into the hobby, but then… where is the time anymore?

Ray Saez, Jr.

Ray is a lifelong auto enthusiast. His father worked on the dealership side of the industry for many years, and his passion for fast, fun, and unique cars has been passed on. Particularly fond of American cars and trucks, Ray is an avid General Motors fan. When not writing, he can be found with his dogs, or at a local car show.

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