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Did you know that CarFax now offers free vehicle service history reports? Check out how they can help you!

It’s pretty safe to say that by now, everyone who has shopped for a car is aware of the CarFax brand. They provide vehicle history reports to help you determine if the used car you’re about to buy is a lemon. We even mention them here in our┬álist of 10 used car shopping tips to make your life easier.

Having a vehicle history report is great, and it can be a valuable asset, but what about if you already own the car and want to know how it’s been maintained? Or what if your car is older and you want to make sure you keep on top of its needs to avoid a big bill in the future? Well, the good folks at CarFax have you covered there too with free vehicle service history reports at their new website!

These free vehicle service history reports can tell you the maintenance history on a vehicle you own, if it has been repaired by a CarFax partner shop or dealership. You can use this to see what happened to your current car or truck before you bought it, or you can use it as a free and valuable tool for car shopping to check on the past maintenance of a car you’re considering buying used from a private party.

You can add multiple vehicles to your “garage” so that you can keep tabs on the maintenance on your family’s fleet, too! A quick look at the “Dashboard” screen, where the site loads by default after you register and login, shows you quick vitals about your vehicle:

This is an actual screenshot of one of my personal vehicles.

This is an actual screenshot of one of my personal vehicles.

At a glance, you see when your vehicle would be due for tire rotations and oil changes, as well as when the registration is due to expire (here in Florida, that happens on your birthday). In addition, it will tell you if there are any open recalls, so you can get in touch with your local dealership to have those taken care of for free.

Clicking the “Service History” tab will show you all of the maintenance and recalls performed on your vehicle at CarFax certified repair centers, just like a regular CarFax report. There’s another feature, though, that’s far more beneficial:


MyCarFaxOnline allows you to self-report your own vehicle repairs and maintenance, as well as events performed at non-CarFax certified shops. If you’re the type of driver who likes to keep detailed records, having them in digital form can be helpful and serve as a quick reminder for you. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle down the line, years of detailed records will be appealing to potential buyers. You can show the records when someone comes to inspect your car. It’s a win-win for everyone.

You can also use the service to help you find CarFax certified repair shops in your area to take your car to.



So head on over to to get your free vehicle service history reports and keep up-to-date on your maintenance needs right from your computer!

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