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Once upon a time, before the weird-life’d 333sp, there was Ferrari’s 312PB – the swan song of their prototype race car division.

Built during the early 70’s (1971 saw it in FIA Group 6 Sports Car racing while ’72-’73 saw it in Group 5), this was the last Ferrari-backed prototype race car built before Ferrari decided to focus solely on Formula 1 until, once again, the 333SP.

The 312PB, which was officially the 312P but called the 312PB so it wasn’t confused with the other 312P, wasn’t all that complex-looking either. Boiling it down, it had a modified wedge-shaped design with the necessary induction ports needed for it’s monstrous Flat 12 engine to breathe. This simple-but-effective design paved the way for their 1972 championship where it won all races it entered. Alas, though, Ferrari decided to skip the 24 hours of Le Mans that year as they knew their 3.0l, 450hp Flat 12 that has a redline of 10,800RPM, based on F1 technology, wouldn’t last the full 24 hours. Even though they skipped that event, Ferrari won the championship without any real threat from the other teams. The final score for that year ,as told by Wikipedia, was Ferrari at 160 while their nearest rival, Alfa Romeo scored a measly 85 points but secured second place.

So how does it sound?

I think it sounds like heaven on earth.

Source Credit: Road & Track
Video Credit: 19Bozzy92 (Great Videos!)

Note: The Wikipedia articles are there to give you an idea on what group 5/6 was all about.

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