What is #DogeV8 and how can I help?

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Learn all about the #DogeV8 campaign to sponsor a V8 Supercar!

As anyone who reads this blog, or follows me on social media, knows: I LOVE Australian V8 Supercars. It is far and away my favorite motorsport in the world, and in my opinion, the best racing today.

The #DogeV8 campaign is very similar to Doge4Nascar, which helped send Josh Wise and his #98 race car to Talladega Superspeedway with a sponsorship. This campaign, which I am proud to be involved with, aims to send Lee Holdsworth and his Mercedes E63 AMG to the Townsville 500 with a full sponsorship.

Look here on Auto Waffle first for developing news related to the #DogeV8 campaign.

If you are interested in contributing, here is the information:

DogeV8 SuperDogecar Townsville 500 Sponsorship

2014 – Jul – 4th-6th

Wallet Address: DTHtAYbFZMBSmwzYnbHebBLVX5BNQUSkjj

DogeRaiser link: http://www.dogeraiser.com/c/25

Verification Link: http://www.reddit.com/r/v8superdoge/

The #DogeV8 project aims to sponsor an Australian V8 Supercar entry in the Townsville 500 event with a Dogecoin livery.

The car is one of the Erebus AMG Mercedes E63’s driven by Lee Holdsworth.

The sponsorship consists of Dogecoin artwork on multiple locations of the car, including: bonnet (hood), sides, rear wing and bumper. Additionally, clothing items, the pit wall at the track, and an associated media campaign are part of the package, which carries a cost of US$50,000

In the event that this target is not reached, a lesser option consisting of the bonnet only, pit wall and media is available for US$20,000

In the event that target is also not reached, logo placements elsewhere on the car are available at lower costs. The goal here is to bring as much Dogecoin to the car as possible. Media coverage before, during and after the event will be similar to that experienced with the Josh Wise #98 NASCAR entry.

It should be noted that #DogeV8 Supercars are run differently than NASCAR. The race weekend consists of televised practice sessions, qualifying sessions, and then three main races over the weekend. The sum of these races is how the 500km total distance is calculated. A full field of V8 Supercars consists of just 25 cars, compared to NASCAR’s 43. The smaller field and style of racing guarantees much more airtime, as a competitive team with an excellent chance of a podium finish.

The national live broadcast television audience is around one million, with an additional audience on cable, and a potential reach internationally of approximately 500 million viewers. These figures do not take into consideration internet live feeds of the race. There are late-night edited highlights replays as well.

The nature of the sponsorship, and the national television network coverage should extend to other Channel 7 programming, with news, current affairs, morning shows and print media tie-ins as likely occurrences. Further coverage from Internet media outlets is also a strong possibility.

As with NASCAR, there are potential merchandising/fundraising opportunities resulting from a successful sponsorship.

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First, to Townsville, then… to the moon!

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