Why are Dogecoin and #DogeV8 so cool?

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Another reddit community much like the one that sponsored Josh Wise and the #98 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series car entirely with pledges of Dogecoin cryptocurrency is at it again Рthis time in V8 Supercars!

Last week, I made a post that showed my favorite images from Josh Wise’s run at Talledega Superspeedway racing the #98 Ford Fusion in its Dogecoin livery. Josh and the team ran to a very respectable 15th place finish at the notoriously tough track, and with that finish brought more exposure to their team, and NASCAR at large, than almost anything else in recent memory.

Now, another community is aiming to do the same for its favorite motorsport, which also happens to be MY favorite motorsport: Australian V8 Supercars.

Those of you who have been following my blog for awhile have probably seen me wax poetic about the series, and the hype is justified. It is my firm belief that the V8 Supercars series produces some of the world’s best and most exciting racing. The cars are based on production sedans: the Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon, Nissan Altima, and the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG.

The Mercedes-Benz team is not a factory-backed outfit. It is the brainchild of one woman: Betty Klimenko, heiress to the Westfield fortune. This year, their second in the series, the Erebus Mercedes team is looking good, attracting top talent from Ford Performance Racing (FPR) in the form of Will Davison. This was a huge topic of discussion at the end of last season.

They also field two other E63s, piloted by Tim Slade and Lee Holdsworth. The new grassroots funding effort is aiming to sponsor Lee Holdsworth’s entry, entirely with Dogecoin.

Look at all that blank real estate there, ready for Dogecoin.

Look at all that blank real estate there, ready for Dogecoin.

Enter #DogeV8. I am proud to be a part of this, because I see its potential not just for Dogecoin, but for V8 Supercars as a sport, and of course, Erebus and Holdsworth. Everyone can benefit here.

Why should you give a damn? Easy. As I said above, V8 Supercars is home of some of the most exciting racing on the planet. Have a gander at the following video:

These are four-door sedans with race bodies. On road courses. On street courses. With balls-to-the-wall action at every single lap. The sponsors are some of the same big names you recognize from racing all across the world, such as Red Bull. The action is as good as any on any other race track in the world – and better than many others.

This is a sport that deserves more recognition. This is a sport that any true gearhead should follow. That is why #DogeV8 exists. It is a mutually beneficial effort to bring awareness both to V8 Supercars and the Dogecoin cause.

Awareness for V8 Supercars means more great racing on TVs and race tracks around the world (they have already been to America once, and will be coming back). Awareness for Dogecoin means that small charities, local efforts, and other worthwhile causes can get the funding they need to do great things in the world. Aside from sending Josh Wise to a NASCAR race with a sponsor, the Dogecoin community has sent water to a villiage in Africa, education to children in Africa, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. Dogecoin is a true example of humanity at work. It is the result of what can happen when total strangers unite under a single cause to do better in the world for something, and I am proud to be a supporter.


wow. so V8. much race. very Dogecoin. many help. amaze.


To learn more about Dogecoin, what it is, and how it works visit www.dogecoin.com. Stay tuned to Auto Waffle for more developments.

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