Clear valve covers are the coolest thing since sliced bread.

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Sliced bread isn’t really cool, but clear valve covers are!

I really – REALLY – hate chrome in the engine bay of classic cars and hot rods. I think it’s tacky, garish, and overdone. Every day, when not writing for Auto Waffle or Region Rides, I see car after car with chrome this and polished that under the hood at my job and at car shows. It’s boring. It’s cliche. Nobody cares. Every time someone buys a cheap pair of Chinese chrome valve covers for their small block Chevy, an angel loses its wings. Think about that the next time you open up a JC Whitney catalog.

So what’s a guy to do who doesn’t want the OEM stamped steel pieces? The answer is clear. Clear valve covers, that is.

Those rocker arms sure do look awesome under there....

Those rocker arms sure do look awesome under there….

That pun was so bad it was good. Admit it.

Check out this pair of awesome videos of these things in action. Watching the valvetrain work is like mechanical ballet for men, and it’s probably the coolest thing you’ll see on YouTube all week.


The only thing I can see with these clear valve covers that might be kind of annoying, especially if you’ve got a case of OCD, would be the oil splatter on the inside. According to the second video though, the oil runs off in about 10 minutes after the engine is shut down. I suppose that’s not too bad… ten minutes leaves enough of a gap for you to pull onto the show field, wipe down the other debris and minor dust on your car from the ride over there, and then you can pop the hood and show off your clear valve covers. Neat.

If you want a set for yourself, they appear to be available at this eBay listing for $285, if you have a perimiter-bolt style small block Chevy. Or, you can visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more. It appears that the company also makes these clear valve covers for big block Chevrolet V8s and the Toyota 1NZ engine. They say that centerbolt style SBC covers are coming soon.


I want a set of these clear valve covers for my LS1!

Photos: Clear Vue Concepts


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