Chevy Colorado production adds third shift

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It’s great to see an American automaker do well, and GM seems to have a hit on their hands with the new Chevy Colorado.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a General Motors fanboy. I have been for most of my life, but even without that, I believe that right now they are producing not only some of the best vehicles in company history, but also the world.

Demand for the new 2015 Chevy Colorado (and its GMC Canyon cousin) has been significantly higher than expected. Original forecasts from GM expected approximately 6,000 dealer orders for trucks. Instead, they’ve been swamped with over 30,000 requests. Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon production has already added 1,315 jobs to the Wentsville assembly plant, just outside St. Louis, MO.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado

The extra shift will add another 750 jobs for the beginning of next year. With the Dakota and the Ranger gone from the marketplace, there are less players in the midsize truck game. Could this translate to more sales? GM hopes so.

The 2015 Chevy Colorado starts at just $20,120. That’s a hair cheaper than the Toyota Tacoma ($20,765), but not quite as cheap as the Nissan Frontier which comes in at $17,990. However, the Frontier is riding on a platform that dates back to 2004, so it’s expected to be cheaper (in more ways than just starting price.

The Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon also lead the segment in fuel economy and towing capacity. For 2016, both trucks will gain a 2.8 liter Duramax diesel to their lineups as well.

The GMC Canyon starts at $20,955, making both trucks very competitive values in their segment.

Far nicer interior than the outgoing model, too.

Far nicer interior than the outgoing model, too.


The first shipments of trucks started going to dealers on September 18th.



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