Is Cadillac nomenclature changing AGAIN?

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Recent patent applications hint at possible new Cadillac nomenclature… ugh.

Let me just say this: I hate the current Cadillac nomenclature. In fact, I hate the nomenclature of most of the luxury brands these days. CTS. C-class. 3-series. A3. What the hell is that? Those are soulless names. Granted, in the case of Mercedes-Benz, it’s always been that way, but once upon a time, Cadillac nomenclature actually involved real names.

Eldorado. Fleetwood. Seville. Brougham. These were names that conjured an image, a brand, and an American bravado that really SAID something. Now, to compete with the contemporaries, we have boring worthless names. ATS. CTS. XTS. SRX. At least there’s still the Escalade….

That's right. The last Cadillac with a proper name... is a truck.

That’s right. The last Cadillac with a proper name… is a truck.

Anyway. Much as I hate current Cadillac nomenclature, I get it. I understand what they are doing with it… or I used to. CTS was not Catera Touring Sedan (though the 1st generation CTS was in fact a successor to the Catera), it was C-segment Touring Sedan, a segment so named because of the Mercedes-Benz C-class. However, now the CTS is growing in size, to be more on par with the E-class/BMW 5-series. ETS? No. Let’s keep it CTS and introduce the ATS (which is bigger than the Mercedes-Benz A-class, which is not sold in the USA).

So maybe a new Cadillac nomenclature makes sense. On Monday, July 21, Cadillac applied for a couple of patents that hint that something like this could be on the horizon. The names “CT5” and “CT6” have been filed for “Motor land vehicles, Namely, automobiles, sport utility vehicles, trucks, vans, engines therefore and structural parts thereof.”

Could Cadillac be pulling an Infiniti and naming all of their cars CTx, similar to the Q and QX lines? It’s possible. Former Infiniti president Johan de Nysschen is now a part of Cadillac, and he was instrumental in their new nomenclature.

For the record: I think that’s awful, too.

We’ll see what happens, but with the new logo garnering mixed reviews, perhaps this isn’t the best time to be messing with Cadillac nomenclature. As we know, the brand is no stranger to change….


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