What would you do with a bodyless Dodge Viper?

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Not sure what to do with a bodyless Dodge Viper? We’ve got an idea….

We first ran across the story of the bodyless Dodge Viper for sale on Craigslist thanks to our friends over at the Car and Driver blog.

Here’s the rundown:

  • This bodyless Dodge Viper is for sale for only $14,900
  • It’s got a little more than 55,000 miles on it
  • It’s got no airbags, body panels, doors, windows, or a windshield
  • It’s got a salvage title (but supposedly, no frame damage)
  • It’s got a 505 horsepower V10 and Tremec T56 manual transmission
  • You (and I) need it.

What, though, would you do with a bodyless Dodge Viper? It’s more than $500, so it doesn’t QUITE qualify for LeMons, and rebodying it and buying the panels is likely to be prohibitively expensive compared to just buying a regular ol’ garden variety used Viper.

So is this thing really a waste? I say nay. I have the best possible solution for what to do with this bodyless Dodge Viper that will show it love and keep it on the road.

Relive your childhood.

How can a bodyless Dodge Viper help anyone relive their childhood, you ask? These things don’t just grow on trees, and we’re pretty sure NOBODY had one in their back yard growing up (if you did – get in touch with me, I’d like to time travel to your past life).

But just look at the thing. It’s about as American as it gets. It doesn’t want to give up. It wants YOU to join its 505 horsepower 10 cylinder army. It’s still ready to go to war at any race track or autocross (even though it’s probably terrifyingly fast thanks to the lack of body panels). It screams cool, menacing, but most importantly: fighter pilot. How are you going to drive a Viper without a windshield? With a helmet? Bah. Nonsense. What this needs is a good ol’ bomber cap and a pair of goggles.

Even the interior screams fighter pilot.

Even the interior screams fighter pilot.

We can imagine that this thing SCREAMS down the street and in more than one way. Sure, the side pipes are already loud and awesome (and in this case, without any protection, so long pants are recommended), but it’s also much LIGHTER than a regular Viper.

Seriously. Watch out for those side pipes, folks.

Seriously. Watch out for those side pipes, folks.

Fully clad, a regular 2003 Dodge Viper has a curb weight of just 3,410 pounds. Now Imagine how light and tossable this naked one is. Sure, it might not win any beauty contests – and it might not be the most aerodynamic thing on four wheels (but it’s probably better off than a first generation Scion xB), but it’s so biscuits and crazy that you NEED it.

The heart of the lion.

The heart of the lion.

Channel your inner Snoopy and defeat the Red Baron. Don’t do it for me. Do it for the nostalgia. Do it for America.


Need some suggestions? Here’s your cap right from Amazon. You know you want to. Check out the original ad on Craigslist here.

By our estimation, all this thing really needs to be street legal (in some states, mind you), is a set of head lights, tail lights, and directional turn signals. Are you up for it? The current owner is willing to let you test drive it, if so!

I’ll be over here trying to work out the logistics. This is the view I’d love everyone on the street to have:

See ya.

See ya.

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