BMW and GoPro Have Become Lovers?

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BMW and GoPro have announced the first-ever, mass-produced integration of a GoPro camera with an automobile’s on board infotainment system. This integration also isn’t limited to just BMW cars with BMW Apps, either. Any Mini with the MINI Connected option, and obviously a GoPro camera, will be able to use this neat feature as well. This integration isn’t live on BMW and Mini cars just yet. It’s slated to be pushed starting in July 2014 for applicable vehicles model year 2012 and later, but the GoPro App for iPhone has already been updated for free.





“Working with GoPro to design this integration was remarkable,” said Phil Johnston, Head of BMW Group AppCenter USA.  “’Creative’ and ‘insightful’ just begin to describe the experience.  GoPro is a natural fit for BMW enthusiast drivers. When the camera is connected to the car, it allows GoPro’s app to present context-appropriate presets that allow the enthusiast to capture the perfect shot.”


GoPro are no strangers to motorsport-related activities and are passionate about enabling drivers to capture their road or track experience.  “The GoPro and BMW collaboration sets a new standard in the category and is an important first step in a partnership designed to deliver next-level integration between camera and car,” said Adam Silver, GoPro Director of Strategic Product Opportunities.





Once your GoPro is connected, the user will be able to aim where the camera is pointing using BMW (or Mini)’s large display and users will be able to choose between six pre-set camera modes: Leisure Drive Facing Out, Night Driving, Sport Drive Facing Out, Drive Camera Facing In, Winding Road Time-lapse (this one sounds awesome to me), and Straight Road Time-lapse (as does this one). The RECORD function on the camera may be started and stopped by the driver at any time and the BMW screen will display information regarding your camera such as elapsed recording time, battery life, and Wi-Fi strength. You can also toggle the camera’s SLEEP mode from the console as well to preserve battery life between shots.




So, how does this actually work?

First and foremost, you need to own a BMW or Mini that’s MY2012 or later, as stated before. Secondly, you also need to have purchased or be in legal possession (stealing is bad) of a Wi-Fi enabled GoPro camera (such as the HERO3+ or anything that came after that). Your BMW/Mini also needs to possess the BMW Apps/Mini Connected option, of course. You also need an iPhone 4 or later with the GoPro app. The phone needs to be connected to the car using the iPhone USB cable or BMW Accessory snap-in adaptor. Then, the driver will have to launch the GoPro app through the BMW ConnectedDrive/Mini Connected menu which will be displayed on the screen (which will vary in shape and size depending on which car you have) and you’ll be all set!


So, there you have it. BMW and GoPro are having the flingiest of flings and this seems to be the first step in what might end up being a very hot relationship. There’s one thing bothering me, though: Why isn’t Rolls Royce getting this?

 Photos: BMW Group Press

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