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It’s official. Today, Auto Waffle is one year old.

This all started as a kind of joke, one evening and from a Facebook post, but here we are, one year later, and the blog is thriving! I have always wanted to be involved in the automotive industry, and writing is one of my passions. When I’m not writing for Auto Waffle, I am writing for Region Rides Magazine. It’s another really fun publication where I can relax and interview people who are just like me: car enthusiasts with really cool cars.

Or, in my case, really cool wagons.

So, to break it down… as of the writing of this post, here’s what’s happened here from Auto Waffle!

There have been 148 posts on the site.

There are 263 fans on the official Facebook page.

There are 103 followers on Twitter.

The new(ish) Instagram feed has 105 followers.

I got the chance to get a media pass to go to the North American International Auto Show (AKA the Detroit Auto Show) in January of this year… and I wrote some things about it.

While in Detroit, I was invited to tour the GM Heritage Center – the private collection of General Motors that isn’t open to the public. I wrote about that HERE and also HERE.

And just for kicks… here’s the very first post from the blog.

My, how time has flown.


Where will we go from here? Well, you can expect the same industry, racing, and general automotive content you know and love. There may or may not be an expansion into the two-wheeled arena, and I will do my best to cover events and shows both near and far as time allows. Ultimately, I would still love to write for another major publication, but I have to say: I have grown quite fond of my little corner of the Internet.

Auto Waffle – part of every automotive enthusiast’s balanced breakfast.

Thanks for reading!

Ray Saez, Jr.

Ray is a lifelong auto enthusiast. His father worked on the dealership side of the industry for many years, and his passion for fast, fun, and unique cars has been passed on. Particularly fond of American cars and trucks, Ray is an avid General Motors fan. When not writing, he can be found with his dogs, or at a local car show.

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