• Sebastian Vettel F1 Red Bull Racing India 2013
    RBR gets €25,000 fine from FIA for celebrating

    Tweet I swear, this isn’t a late April Fool’s joke. I’m serious. Red Bull Racing was fined €25,000 by the FIA for not telling Sebastian Vettel to come into the pits after winning his 4th world driver championship. Laughable.

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  • People of Craigslist

    Tweet If you like cars, and I know you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, you know craigslist. You scour the site for hours on end, sometimes even at work (admit it; you know you do), looking at things to buy, things you want, things that are terrible, awesome, rare, expensive, cheap, cool, stupid, silly,…

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  • 1959 Eureka High-Boy Ambulance front
    An ambulace, a road rally, and a bunch of Europeans

    Tweet No, it’s not the set up for some sort of lame punchline. That was the scene at my job today. When not writing content for Auto Waffle or Region Rides Magazine, I masquerade as the Internet Marketing Coordinator for a collector car dealership, so we frequently get interesting visitors looking to buy, sell, or…

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  • Mecum Auction Logo
    2013 Mecum Chicago Sampler

    Tweet Once again, my favorite day of the week is upon us! Happy Wagon Wednesday, everybody. This week, rather than a feature focused on a single wagon, I thought I would bring you several wagons to ogle over.

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  • Self-driving cars by “mid-2010s” says Toyota

    Tweet Nissan and Volvo have already committed to the idea of self-driving cars, or at least semi-automated, vehicles and it seems now that Toyota has jumped on the bandwagon. Toyota calls its system “Automated Highway Driving Assist,” or AHDA, and it’s probably not what you’re thinking it is.

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