America NEEDS the Commodore Sportwagon SS-V Redline

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The Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS-V Redline is the most American wagon that America doesn’t have. But we should…

It’s  Wagon Wednesday again, and for anyone who has been keeping up with my site from the beginning knows, it’s my favorite day of the week. It also generally tends to focus on wagons from around the world, like today’s post that celebrates the Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS-V Redline (man, that’s a mouthful).

You probably know of the Holden Commodore. Previously, the VE generation Commodore was sent here as the Pontiac G8. The new VF Commodore is currently being sold in America as the Chevrolet SS sedan. What you might not have known, however, is that there is such a thing as the Commodore Sportwagon. This is that majestic beast:

This is a thing of Australian beauty.

This is a thing of Australian beauty.


The subject of this post is the most decked out Commodore Sportwagon that kangaroo money can buy: the Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS-V Redline. There aren’t many options to choose from when building your SS-V Redline, but that’s because they already come fully loaded. Basically, you choose your color and buy your super wagon. Me? I’m partial to Regal Peacock Green, myself. Look how gorgeous this is. How could you not lust for it?

Regal Peacock Green Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS-V Redline

Regal Peacock Green. Game over, man.

If that’s not enough, consider this: the Commodore Sportwagon SS-V Redline is powered by an LSx motor. The Land Down Under loves V8s almost as much as America does, and GM knows this. So under the hood is a 260 kW (that’s 348.6 horsepower in the land of the free and the home of the brave) 6.0 liter (or litre, I suppose) V8 with GM’s Active Fuel Management cylinder deactivation. It gets its stopping power from Brembo brakes, too – just like a Corvette. It’s also loaded to the gills with luxury features like:

  • special stitched Redline seats
  • a Heads-Up Display
  • myLink infotainment
  • Rain sensing wiper blades
  • Keyless entry/push button start
  • LED daytime running lights

Put simply, the Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS-V Redline is what America needs. It can solve all of our problems. Financial crisis? Sell everyone a Sportwagon. Homelessness problem? Sleep in the Sportwagon. Political separatism? Vote for Sportwagon.

GM, if you’re listening, just do me (and everyone else) one solid favor: bring it over with a manual transmission option. If you’re feeling generous, sell one to me in Fantale Orange. It’s bad enough you took that away from the SS sedan for the US. Do the right thing, GM.

It looks so good, but I don't want to say goodbye....

It looks so good, but I don’t want to say goodbye….

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