Acura NSX Prorotype accident

Acura NSX prototype burns to a crisp on the Nurburgring

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The Acura NSX prototype has died a fiery death.

The new Acura NSX is slated to release soon. The 500 horsepower mid-engined hybrid supercar is ¬†going to be the top of Honda’s range – a worthy halo car, indeed.

Well, I suspect that testing MIGHT be delayed for… well… let’s just say awhile. The test mule that was flown to Germany to lap the famous Nurburgring has burned to the ground.

No one is quite sure why the Acura NSX prototype caught fire, but witnesses and spy photographers confirm that both drivers escaped from the car unharmed. Wearing thin camouflage, it was obvious that this was, indeed, the Acura NSX. The question now is… does Honda have another one ready for track duty?

Acura NSX prototype accident

Road and Track wonders if it burns more reliably than a Ferrari 458. I can’t say for sure, but I bet it burns more efficiently. Heh.

The 2015 NSX sounds, er… sounded… pretty sweet, too. Check out this video!

Photos: KGP Photography

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