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It’s been a few weeks, but fear not – Auto Waffle is back!

If you’ve noticed on the website lately, it has been slightly devoid of posts these past few weeks. Sometimes, though, life and other things get in the way, but we’re still here, and we’re still striving to keep up with all of the good news and the bad from all over the automotive industry. Auto Waffle is currently a team of two. Self-hosted, self-published, and growing.

In my case, I have been up to some very interesting things. You remember my wagon, don’t you? Well… let’s just say that it’s getting a heart transplant.

And some other goodies.

In the form of an LS1 V8, sourced from a 2004 Pontiac GTO, and a T56 6-speed manual transmission sourced from the same. It’s a slow project, and that’s okay, but I will likely be keeping up with the updates here, or on the Facebook page. I haven’t decided yet.

It's looking a little empty in there right about now....

It’s looking a little empty in there right about now….

That’s not all, though! While the LS and 6-speed wagon project is taking a bunch of my time, and won’t be completed for quite awhile, don’t think we’ve just been resting on our laurels. I have continued to write for Region Rides, and we just wrapped up another successful year.

But then… I started to think. What if other areas had a similar sort of publication? It’s come across my mind a couple of time, and that’s why (and how) I met up with Angelo Fiorini and his awesome 1951 Mercury. In addition to the videos, commentary, industry news, and more that you’ve come to know and love, expect to see more features like these, local car clubs, local shops, and more all from my home state of Florida.

As for Shawn, my sidekick, his summer has ended and the real world of university has snuck up on him. After taking a sabbatical to get financial aid straightened out and get back in the game, he’s ready. I’m ready. Expect the content to flow.

Here’s a small preview of an event I went to over my Labor Day weekend. What did YOU do?

IMG_8058 IMG_8063 IMG_8074
Stay tuned. There’s more to come. I’d like to personally thank everyone who reads my blog.

Peace, love, and horsepower,


(P.S. I stole that tagline from my good buddy John Haynes. Thanks, John!)

Ray Saez, Jr.

Ray is a lifelong auto enthusiast. His father worked on the dealership side of the industry for many years, and his passion for fast, fun, and unique cars has been passed on. Particularly fond of American cars and trucks, Ray is an avid General Motors fan. When not writing, he can be found with his dogs, or at a local car show.

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