This Bel Air crash is horrible to watch

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Crashes in old cars are insane… it’s even worse when they’re bombing down the drag strip.

Let’s be clear: we love old cars. We love drag racing. We love drag racing old cars, too. Safety is everything, but sometimes things just don’t go as planned. That’s a fact of life.

What we have here is a Chevy Bel Air and an early 2nd generation split bumper Camaro about to take it to the track, but nothing goes right from the green light on. The track is obviously not very good, as neither car can seem to find traction at any point, but the driver of the Bel Air is about to go for the ride of his life. Check out the video:


This happened September 20, 2014 at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Colorado. Spectators freak out, and rightfully so, because the driver’s legs come out of the car, right at the 1:17 mark:


Please excuse my rudimentary circle job with the pen tool.

Please excuse my rudimentary circle job with the pen tool.

Remember everybody: safety first. This driver is TREMENDOUSLY lucky to walk away from this accident. He may be beaten and bruised, and a bit disoriented, but he will live to race again. From the looks of things, he wasn’t properly fastened into the cockpit of his race car. The results could have been much MUCH worse.


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