4×4 Jaguar? That sounds like a great idea!

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There’s nothing I love more than a ridiculous project, and there’s nothing more ridiculous that I can think of than a 4×4 Jaguar. Enter this: The Holy Grail.First and foremost, here’s a copy of the 4×4 Jaguar ad for posterity, so you can see its splendor even after it sells:


Yes, you read that right. According to the ad, this is just 15 minutes North of Spokane, Washington. Not Florida. Leave my poor state alone – there are others just like us and the world is better for it.

Like the ad states, the 4×4 Jaguar is a 1984 Jaguar XJ6 that’s been placed on a 1984 Ford F-250 4×4 3/4 ton truck frame. How awesome is that? This is like taking the concept from the guys over at Jags That Run and turning the dial all the way past eleven and up to Biscuits and Crazy.

This thing is awesome. Just look at it.

This thing is awesome. Just look at it.

Take a 6-cylinder Jaguar, add 4×4 capability, and a 460 cubic inch big block V8 and… well… I’m not sure you can get anything more fun than that for only $3,500! This thing just might be the best deal on all of Craigslist. Oh, and did we mention 37 inch tires? That’s kind of important.

4x4 Jaguar left three quarter view

Since the 4×4 Jaguar rides on the whole frame of the F-250, it (in theory) could also tow like the F-250. Race hauler? Yes. So much yes. That was the original builder’s plan -to use this to tow his more serious mud rig. You can follow through on his vision and have the most awesome Jaguar in the land for just $3,500!

The hitch is there just begging to be used.

The hitch is there just begging to be used.


Or, more likely, you can use this to appeal to your inner Southern-American and take it to the biggest and filthiest mud bog you can find and just boggle everyone’s minds. I can’t think of a faster way to turn heads and garner admiration and confusion this side of a supercar. So why not buy yourself a 4×4 Jaguar and enjoy it?  I only wish the seller had included a video so we could hear this thing in action ourselves….


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