This 3082 hp Bentley is Biscuits and Crazy

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One Bentley. 3082 horsepower. Powered by… WHAT?!

Bentley isn’t typically associated with the drag strip. These days, most people don’t even think of them as a manufacturer of race cars, but Bentley has a long and proud racing history dating back nearly a century.

No, these days, your typical Bentley is thought to be the ultra plush, ultra lux car for the ultra rich. That’s fine… for some.

Not for Steve Neimantas of Yorkshire, England. He decides to take his Bentley Continental GT and make it go fast. Well, faster, I should say. From the factory, a Bentley Continental GT already packs a pretty serious twin turbocharged W12 powerplant.

Santa_Pod_Bentley_Burnout Santa_Pod_Bentley_Burnout_2 Santa_Pod_Bentley_Test_Launch

Not this one. Now it has a huge Chevy V8. Yep. A Bentley powered by a tried-and-true American pushrod V8… with two turbochargers. Neimantas has spent over $420,000 to transform this car into its final form you see in these photos.

His goal? Have his Bentley travel the quarter mile in seven seconds. Oh, and hit a trap speed of 200+ mph.

Steve is a watch repairer by trade, and a drag racer at heart. Clearly. every second counts in his world – probably more so than the rest of us. The Bentley is completely outfitted with drag racing slicks, a roll cage, and even parachutes to stop it, just like the fastest NHRA Top Fuel dragsters.


What more could you possibly ask for? This type of creativity and disregard for luxury stereotypes is what we live for. Want to go fast? Own a Bentley? Want to go faster? Find a way!

Enough of the pictures. Drag cars are made cooler with VIDEO! This pass, recorded on May 24, 2014, shows the Bentley running 8.115 seconds at 174.40 miles per hour.

That is not just fast. That is insane. That is… biscuits and crazy. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Image credit – Eurodragster

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