An AMC Pacer… or two.

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Welcome to the first edition of Biscuits and Crazy, where I’ll feature a crazy, or cool, or weird, or awesome vehicle found from the Internet and convince you to buy it! Or not; that’s really up to you.

Today’s plate of Biscuits and Crazy comes in the form of this 1976 AMC Pacer X. Party on, dudes. First, here’s a copy of the ad from the Grand Rapids, MI craigslist.

AMC Pacer craigslist classified ad

While it may be the butt of quite a few jokes today, when it debuted in 1975 the Pacer was hailed as revolutionary, and then quickly began to lose its status. This lead to only five years of production, and no second generation. American Motors, as you probably know, was defunct just a few short years later after being bought out by Chrysler. Of the Pacer, MotorTrend said, in 1975, that it “advanced” the American automobile all the way to 1980.  Car and Driver called it “The Flying Fishbowl.”


AMC Pacer front end photo

Yep. Looks like a big mouth bass to me.


The Pacer was packed with interesting styling and features, including a wide stance, copious amounts of glass, and asymmetric doors (with the passenger door being 4 inches longer) were intended to make ingress and egress easier for rear passengers. Unfortunately, the Pacer was saddled with horribly under powered versions of the AMC I6 that made a whopping 100 horsepower, and it weighed over 3400 pounds. That made performance… lackluster, to say the least.

AMC Pacer underhood engine specification tag


Later, though, AMC fitted the 304 CI V8 to the Pacer, which wasn’t enough to save the car, but that DOES mean that now, decades later, you can most likely fit a V8 under the hood and turn the Pacer into the awesome little car it was supposed to be, but never was.

All that aside, the seller seems very motivated to convince you to buy not one, but TWO Pacers. They insist that both of these Pacers run, and that the Pacer X has low miles.

Pair of AMC Pacer vehicles for sale on craigslist

TWO! TWO AMC Pacers! Ah-ah-ah-ah….

What do you think? Would you tackle this two-Pacer project? Engine swap or leave it alone? Let us know! Here’s a link to the actual ad, just in case you DO happen to want a fishbowl (or two) in your life:

You can also email suggestions for future Biscuits and Crazy features to Simply put your first name, your location, and the link to the advertisement and I might feature your own obscure car find!

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