20 car garage house is car guy Mecca

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Admit it: you want a 20 car garage house. Now you can get it, but where?

Craigslist, of course!

This house in New York is perfect for the car enthusiast. They say it’s 4,600 square feet, including 2,600 square feet of what they call “open span studio” which must be some sort of fancy real estate terminology for 20 CAR GARAGE!

The 44 by 60 foot space has 10 foot ceilings, and seven overhead doors to make getting your dream garage in-and-out a breeze.

Imagine having all that space to store and work on your cars!

Imagine having all that space to store and work on your cars!

Oh, and if you’re into the whole “family home” thing, the 20 car garage also comes conveniently with a two story house attached that has 4 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. Who cares about that though? People: this property has a 20 car garage. Twenty. Car. Garage.

44x60 feet is a lot more than it sounds like on paper...

44×60 feet is a lot more than it sounds like on paper…

Imagine the fun you could have with all that space to store your pride and joy. Or your pride and joy and 19 of her closest friends! Or start a shop! Or rent it out for storage in the winter and make a profit! Or… or… or…

You want it. I want it. I need it. It can be yours for only $259,000! Check out the full craigslist post HERE!

Sigh... someday.

Sigh… someday.

What would you fill the 20 car garage with? I’d start with my wagon, of course, and then a Buick Grand National, and probably a whole slew of Corvettes, for good measure, and maybe something crazy and unreliable and German – who knows! Share your ultimate garage list in the comments!


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