1971 Hemi Cuda sells for $3.5 million at Mecum

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The most expensive Hemi Cuda ever sold recently crossed the block at Mecum for 3.5 MILLION dollars.

Let’s stop and think about what this means. Don’t get me wrong, I love muscle cars as much as (or more than…) the next guy, but this is just ridiculous. This Hemi Cuda sold for $3.5 million dollars. Why? Because it’s a convertible. Have we gone too far?

This particular Hemi Cuda was also a numbers matching example with a 4-speed manual transmission. For those who might not know, numbers matching is huge. That means the same engine and transmission that the vehicle left the factory with is still in the car today. Impressive, no doubt, because 43 years of service (albeit likely not CONSTANT service) should be rewarded.

Here’s the deal, though.

They only built 11 of these cars. One of eleven Hemi Cuda convertibles. According to the auctioneer, only two were sold in the USA. Where did the other nine go? Were they unsold? Exported? The world may never know.

You can see it in the video crossing the block. Watch the cameraman. What he is taking a video of is literally history. The most expensive Mopar sale ever. I’m not a Mopar guy, per se, as I’m sure the regular readers know, but this car is impressive by any imagination.

I LOVE the pistol grip shifter. I love the dog dish hubcaps and steel wheels. Hell, I even love the color – but I’d prefer it to be orange.

Not only did this car sell for $3.5 million, but it also has its complete history. Everything ever known about this Hemi Cuda is still available – all the way back to the original owner.

It’s just like we say at the dealership where I work: documentation sells cars. If you can prove it, the buyers will come. This Hemi Cuda is a perfect example.

Check out the video of its auction run below. Even the auctioneers and commentators, who see THOUSANDS of spectacular cars every year, get excited about this car.

The only question now is… who will buy it next?

Ray Saez, Jr.

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